Study lines

You can choose to specialize in Aquaculture, Fisheries or Oceanography. All specializations include a common interdisciplinary basis of biology, mathematics, and physics, with an emphasis on management of aquatic resources.

Aquaculture study line
At the Aquaculture study line, it is possible to focus on recirculation technology from design and function of individual components and processes to turn-key facilities that produce fish on land with the highest possible degree of water re-use and lowest environmental impact. The aquaculture study line also includes courses on fish health and nutrition as well as marine aquaculture.
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Fisheries studyline
The Fisheries study line combines fish biology, stock assessment, fishing technology, monitoring, and modelling in order to provide you with the necessary knowledge for sustainable management of fish and shellfish resources.
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Oceanography study line
The Oceanography study line combines biology with physics, chemistry and mathematics, educating engineers who have a solid knowledge base of interdisciplinary oceanography, and can combine ocean observations with predictions.
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