Image analysis and computer graphics

General competences

Course no.      Title Timetable group
01238 Differential Geometry F2B
02409 Multivariate Statistics E1A
02582 Computational Data Analysis F2B
02612 Constrained Optimization F4A
02614 High-Performance Computing January

Technological specialization

Course no.      Title Timetable group
02506 Advanced Image Analysis F5B
02561 Computer Graphics E5A
02562 Rendering - Introduction E5B


Course no.      Title Timetable group
02504 Computer Vision F3B
02507 Project work within Image Analysis and Computer Graphics January
02580 Geometric Data Analysis and Processing F5B
02941 Physically Based Rendering and Material Appearance Modelling June
22525 Medical Image Analysis E1B
30540 Mapping from Aerial and Satellite Images E5A