Insurance for students


The general working environment rules do not cover DTU students, nor are they covered by any occupational injury insurance or other insurance. Students are thus responsible for taking out relevant insurance while enrolled at DTU.

Polyteknisk Forening (PF student association) has taken out collective accident insurance covering DTU students during their study activities at DTU and other campuses and educational establishments. Transportation between locations is not covered by the insurance, though. The insurance is renewed continuously. Find more information on PF’s homepage,, under ‘Student life’, 'Secretariat', and ‘Accident insurance’.

Students enrolled on DTU’s BEng programmes in Arctic Technology and Fisheries Technology are not covered by PF’s insurance during their stay in Greenland. Thus, the students are encouraged to take out the necessary insurance during their stay in Greenland.

Insurance during internships (BEng)
During internships constituting a mandatory BEng programme component, students are covered by the host company's statutory injury insurance if the internship takes place in Denmark. Upon the conclusion of an internship agreement, students should ensure that their employer is aware of this obligation. In connection with internships abroad, students are advised to take out travel insurance, including health insurance, as neither the blue nor the yellow health insurance card provides coverage. Students are thus responsible for ensuring that the insurance taken out provides sufficient cover.

Insurance during individual projects, including company projects
Generally, students are not covered by insurance during projects carried out at a different institution or with a company. Students are advised to clarify the matter themselves with the company in question and take out adequate insurance.

Insurance while studying abroad
During study stays abroad funded by travel grants or self-financed, students are covered by their own insurance only - also in the event of illness. Students should, therefore, ensure that the insurance taken out provides sufficient cover. Insurance can be taken out with PF or your own insurance company. The universities in Denmark have entered into a travel insurance agreement; see
21 JULY 2024