Student ID cards

Students must have a valid student ID card. Student ID cards must be used as proof of identification at exams, when contacting the Student Services, and to gain access to DTU’s data bars.

Information about student ID card can be found on DTU Inside.

If the student wishes to have access to facilities at the department, including laboratories, the student must contact the department secretary, since special rules apply regarding access to these facilities.

Upon admission to DTU, each student must order a Student ID card via student ID card will be sent to the student’s registered address. If the student’s registered address is abroad, the student will receive an email via the student email about where to pick up the student ID card.

The student ID card is personal and must not be passed on to others. If students lose their student ID card, the ID card must be deactivated, and a new one must be ordered at DTU Inside under ‘Access/Student cards’.

Username and password to DTU systems
A password providing access to the computers in the data bars and to DTU Inside can be ordered at The password is personal and must not be passed on to others.
22 NOVEMBER 2019