Leave of absence

Students are able to apply for justified leave of absence from their study programme for up to one year. Leave of absence on special grounds may, for example, be due to, adoption, military service, or illness.

Students will not receive monthly grants (SU) during their leave of abscence.Deadlines relating to the study programme, e.g. the first-year exam and maximum duration of study, will be extended by the period of leave (calculated in entire semesters).

Personal illness                                                     
The student can apply for leave of absence do to  any illness, which leaves the student incapable of active study, this includes mental illness. It is a requirement, that the student submits medical certificate as documentation, which must state that the student is unable to study as a result of the illness, and the medical certificate must also state how long the student will be or is expected to be ill.

Illness of a close relative
The student can be granted leave of absence to care for a close relative who is seriously ill or dying. arents, grandparents, children, and spouse/cohabiting partner are considered as close relatives. However, other persons may also be regarded as being close. It must be documented that the person in question is close, and that he or she is seriously ill.

Other special circumstances
The student can be granted leave of absence  due to other special circumstances that may justify this. Special circumstances are factors which make or will make it impossible for the student to engage in active study. In other words, factors which are beyond the control of the student and which must be documented.

The student must submit applications for leave of absence as well as documentation to the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs at studadm@adm.dtu.dk from the student’s student email address. The application must be submitted no later than three weeks into the required period of leave. The application form can be found at DTU Inside under ‘Leave of Absence’.

Students who have failed to comply with DTU’s rules regarding study programmes cannot apply for leave of absence until they have been granted an exemption to continue their studies.

All study activity must stop during the period of leave. This includes participation in courses and the submission of projects. However, students may continue to register for and sit exams in the exam period during their leave of absence. 

Students may only exercise their voting rights and retain their eligibility during a leave of absence period exceeding six months if the period of leave expires at the beginning of the term of office at the latest.

During the period of leave, students must stay up to date on study announcements posted by DTU.

Students who want to return to their studies before the end of their leave of absence must send an email to studadm@adm.dtu.dk to that effect.

If a student wishes to extend his/her leave of absence in excess of one year on the same grounds, the student must apply for an exemption for extended leave at www.dispensation.dtu.dk. More information can be found at DTU Inside under ‘Structure and rules’ / 'Exemption'.

22 NOVEMBER 2019