Withdrawal from study programmes

Students who wish to withdraw from their study programme at DTU must fill out a withdrawal form at DTU Inside under 'Study rules’/‘Withdrawal from study programmes’. The filled-out form must be sent from the DTU student mail to studadm@adm.dtu.dk.

Please note a withdrawal cannot be cancelled.

It is not allowed to be enrolled in more than one full-time education at a time. If the student is admitted to another full-time programme outside DTU, he or she must actively withdraw from their studies at DTU. That does not happen automatically. 

If the student is considering applying for admission to DTU later on, read more about the admission rules on DTU Inside under 'Study rules'/'Readmission'.

It is possible for students to temporarily interrupt their studies by applying for a leave of absence if it is justified in special documented circumstances. Read more about leave of absence at DTU Inside under 'Study rules'/'Leave of absence'.

If the student is newly admitted to DTU and wishes to withdraw from the programme in the first semester before 30 September (summer start) and 28 February (winter start), withdrawal is made by contacting the admission office:

If the student has questions or needs guidance before withdrawing from their studies, DTU Study Guidance can be contacted.

Special rules for non-EU/EEA students with a residence permit in Denmark
A student who is a non-EU/EEA fee-paying OR waiver student and has a Danish student residence permit should be aware that his/her student residence permit may be revoked by the Danish immigration authorities (SIRI). DTU is obliged to inform SIRI when non-EU/EEA students withdraw from the University. Revocation of the student's residence permit by SIRI means that the student has to leave Denmark immediately.

Bachelor students: for more information on this, please write to optagelse@adm.dtu.dk.
Master students: for more information on this, please write to mscadmissions@adm.dtu.dk

21 JULY 2024