Transferring to MSc programme

Students lacking 55 ECTS credits or less of their BEng/BSc programme at DTU can apply to take MSc courses worth a total of up to 30 ECTS credits, provided that they wish to apply for admission to an MSc programme at DTU and meet the admission requirements and academic prerequisites for admission into the MSc programme in question. Exemption will not be granted for additional ECTS credits. The using of this rule may not lead to a prolongation of the total time of study of the BEng/BSc programme.

The desired MSc courses can be special courses. In that case, the student in his/her application must specify the department that delivers the special course, and how many ECTS credits the individual special course constitutes.

As a general rule, students must take courses, which are part of their BEng or BSc programme concurrently with the courses forming part of the future MSc programme. Transfer to MSc programme must not cause an extension of the study period for the BSc Eng/BEng programme.

When processing the application, DTU places emphasis on whether the student is deemed to have the academic prerequisites to complete courses on the MSc programme concurrently with completing the BSc/BEng programme.

The student must still apply for admission to the MSc programme before completing the BSc/BEng programme.

A digital application form can be found at DTU Inside under ‘Structure and rules’ / ‘Transferring to a MSc programme’. The application must be filled in and sent from the student email to Decision regarding the application will be sent to the student email.

Deadline for applications:

  • 13-week periods: One week after the beginning of the semester at the latest
  • 3-week periods June, July and August: 1 May
  • 3-week period January: 15 November

Students can only apply for one semester at a time. The semester of autumn runs from September up to and including January. The semester of spring runs from February up to and including August. 

In allowing the student to take MSc courses concurrently with completing the BSc/BEng programme, DTU makes no decision on whether the student has exceeded any study activity requirements or deadlines, is in need of extra examination attempts or exemption hereof etc.

Students who have taken MSc courses concurrently with completing their BSc/BEng programme must still comply with the study activity requirement following admission to the MSc programme. The number of transferred ECTS credits will not be deducted from the study activity requirement. 

Applicable from the academic year 2018/2019 the maximum duration of study is reduced with one semester if students have passed 30 ECTS credits of MSc courses under the transitional procedure.

MSc courses passed under the transitional procedure
MSc courses passed under the transitional procedure will automatically be transferred from the BEng/BSc programme when the student is admitted to the MSc programme.

If the student chooses a different MSc study programme to that originally planned, only passed MSc courses, which are mandatory for the new study programme will be transferred. However, the student can always ask to have passed electives transferred. The same then applies as when changing study programme.

MSc courses not passed under the transitional procedure
For a MSc course, which the student does not pass under the transitional procedure, the rule on binding courses applies. Find more information on DTU Inside under 'Structure and Rules'/'Teaching'/ 'Binding Courses'.

If the student applies to do a different MSc study programme to that originally planned, his or her binding registration for a failed course will be cancelled unless the course is mandatory on the new study programme.

SU on completion of BEng/BSc programme
The BEng/BSc programme has been completed when the grade in the last course/project on the study programme has been registered. This also applies even if the final grade is registered in the middle of the semester and even if the courses in the semester that the transfer of courses concerns are not yet concluded.

When the BEng/BSc programme is completed, the student will no longer be entitled to receive SU or a completion loan. This means that when the student completes his BEng/BSc programme, he or she is no longer enrolled on a study programme and is therefore not entitled to SU even though the student in question is still following courses in the semester that the transfer of courses concerns.
22 NOVEMBER 2019