Academic prerequisites for course participation


Prerequisites and rules for course participation are specified in the course description. 

Lecturers are responsible for ensuring that exercises and other laboratory and workshop activities take place under safe conditions. They must, therefore, provide thorough instructions. The lecturer may expel students who fail to understand or respect the lecturer’s safety instructions from the activity. Find more information on DTU Inside under ‘Study rules’/'Disciplinary measures towards students'.

Mandatory prerequisites
Mandatory prerequisite courses are only used if a course must be passed—for security reasons or similar weighty reasons—before participation in a subsequent course. Students may only register for the course and, if relevant, take part in a drawing of lots if they have passed or registered for the exam in the mandatory course.

Recommended academic prerequisites
Recommended academic prerequisite courses form the basis for the teaching, and students are expected to know about the topics covered by the courses. Students who do not have the necessary prerequisites are not entitled to extra academic counselling and may be expelled from the class if the student's presence is inconvenient to the general teaching.
21 JULY 2024