Mandatory participation in class and mandatory assignments


Mandatory participation in class
Attending classes is generally not mandatory. However, some courses (for example practical courses and laboratory courses) require active participation to pass the course. In courses with projects, giving presentations and acting as a critic in relation to presentations given by other students may be mandatory. If class participation is mandatory, it must be specified in the course description. 

Mandatory exam prerequisite assignments etc.
A course coordinator may decide that the submission and approval of written assignments, oral presentations, etc., during the course are a prerequisite for the students being allowed to take the course exam. This kind of assignment etc., is called exam prerequisites. It must be stated in the course description if a course has exam prerequisites.

An exam prerequisite must meet the learning objectives for the course in terms of form and content, and it is expected that the course coordinator provides the students with some feedback. The individual course coordinators decide on the criteria for approval of the exam prerequisite and inform the students. Exam prerequisites are not included in the assessment of the course.

It counts as an exam attempt if the student does not meet any exam prerequisites and the deadline for registering for the exam has been exceeded. The student will then receive the registration IG (not approved). Read more about IG at DTU Inside under 'Study rules'/'Exam'/'Assessment forms and grading'.

Mandatory prerequisite assignments in relation to re-exams are described in further detail at DTU Inside under ‘Study rules'/'Exam'/‘Re-exams’.

Illness or other legitimate reasons for absence from mandatory activities
Students who are prevented from participating in mandatory teaching modules or completing laboratory or workshop activities due to illness or other legitimate reasons are obligated to notify the lecturer responsible as soon as possible.

The student can agree with the lecturer to retake the mandatory activity or have it replaced by a similar activity. The student must be able to document the reason for being absent if requested by the lecturer. If it is not possible to retake the mandatory activity in the current semester, the student is entitled to take the activity again the next time the course is offered. If the student can document illness, they have the right only to retake the missing activities the next time teaching in the course is offered.

If the student is unable to participate in the exam in the course due to a legitimate absence, the student must submit documentation for the reason for the absence. If the student does not submit documentation, the exam will count as an exam attempt. See DTU Inside under ‘Study rules’/‘Exam‘/‘Illness in connection with exams’.