Participation in limited admission courses


Some courses at DTU have participant restrictions due to laboratory or workshop exercises or similar. It is stated in the course description if there is a participant restriction in a course. During the post-enrollment period for courses, participants may be restricted to a course based on room capacity or academic conditions. 

Guidelines for fully booked courses
If a course is fully booked, the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs will draw lots among the registered students to determine who gets to participate. No later than one month before the start of the teaching period, a study announcement will be sent out with information about the procedure for drawing lots in the event of fully booked courses.

All students who have registered for a course for which participation will be determined by drawing lots will receive an email after the draw with status information. There are three status types:

  • Place on the course guaranteed
  • On the waiting list
  • Lost draw

You can lose your place in a course with limited admission 
Students who have been granted a place in the course but who do not attend classes when the course starts and fail to notify and get approval from the lecturer of subsequent attendance will not be permitted to keep their place in an overbooked course after the dates stated below:

13-week period: after the end of class on the first day of teaching in the course
3-week period: four hours after course commencement

The place will be given to the next student present with the lowest number on the waiting list. 

Priority in case of drawing lots
The course description may state that students enrolled in specific study programmes have priority in a lot drawing. Students registered for a course within the deadline will be assigned a place or participate in drawing lots according to this priority. If nothing is stated in the course description, all full-time students registered within the deadline will participate equally in the draw.

  • In any drawing of lots, full-time students who have registered within the deadline and students on the flexible master’s programme (part-time programme) have priority over guest students and students on continuing education.
  • Students for whom the course is mandatory or forms part of one of the mandatory groups have priority over students for whom the course is not mandatory. If a student for whom a course forms a mandatory part of the programme loses a draw, the student in question will be guaranteed a place if he/she registers for the course the next time it is offered.
  • Guest students studying at DTU under one of DTU's international joint programmes and for whom the course constitutes a mandatory programme element or part of the mandatory group take precedence over full-time students for whom the course is not mandatory, as well as other guest students and part-time students.
  • Students enrolled on part-time programmes for whom a course constitutes a mandatory programme element take precedence over students in part-time programmes for whom the course is not mandatory. 
  • Guest students and students in part-time programmes who register within the deadline will be assigned a place in overbooked courses and will have priority over full-time students who register after the deadline.

Non-priority in case of drawing lots
The following situation is not a priority in the case of drawing lots:

  • Students bound to a course, cf. the rules on binding courses, do not have priority in the case of drawing lots. That is also the case even if a student is about to exceed their maximum study duration.
21 JULY 2024