Course registration

Registration for and withdrawal from courses are made via the Study Planner. No teacher or professor can register/enroll a student for a course.

Students must be registered for a course to attend classes - including laboratory exercises - to participate in group work, and to obtain course information via DTU Inside as well as teaching material (notes, etc.).

Course registration in the first semester
BEng and BSc students are automatically registered for courses in the first teaching period (13-week period) in the first semester of their study programme. Students must themselves register for all other courses through the Study Planner.

MSc students and visiting students must themselves register for courses through the Study planner. MSc students and visiting students must confirm that they accept DTU’s code of honour to be able to register for courses via the Study Planner. See also at DTU Inside under ‘Structure and rules’ /’DTU’s code of honour’.

Course registration in other semesters
Students are responsible for ensuring that their course registrations have been registered correctly in their study plan, and that registration for the courses has been made within the applicable registration and withdrawal deadlines.

Registration and withdrawal deadlines for courses can be found at DTU Inside under Structure and rules’ /‘Registration deadlines for courses and examinations’.

In the supplementary course registration period a decision on limited admission to a course can be made on the grounds of the capacity of facilities or academic reasons. See DTU Inside under ‘Participation in limited admission courses’ under ‘Teaching’. Students therefore have to be aware that participation in a course may not be possible if the student register for the course in the supplementary course registration period, even if limited admission is not noted in the course description.

Rules for choice of courses
Students cannot register for a course they have already passed. A course has been passed if the grade 02 or the assessment ‘Pass’ has been awarded. Reregistrations for passed courses will be rejected.

Students can register for courses which form part of their curriculum. All other courses have to be pre-approved by the Head of Study prior to registration, and the Head of Study shall send this approval to the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs via email: BSc students may have as much as 10 ECTS credits at BEng level as part of the Elective Courses at their bachelor programme (valid from 1 September 2020). MSc students may not register for BEng courses.

Some courses are only provided for students on selected study programmes. This will be stated in the course description. Students who do not attend these study programmes, will not be granted acces to the course.

Students must not register for courses in excess of the prescribed total ECTS credits for the study programme. In the event of odd ECTS credits, a student may register for a final course of up to 5 ECTS credits, even if this means that the student will exceed the prescribed total ECTS credits for the study programme (see DTU Inside under ‘Structure and rules’ / ‘Credit transfer’ / ‘Credit transfer during the study programme’)

Cancellation of courses
A non-mandatory course may be cancelled if less than ten students have registered for it. Other rules for minimum participation must be specified in the course description. Mandatory courses and courses from the mandatory groups cannot be cancelled.
25 NOVEMBER 2020