Binding courses

If the student does not withdraw from their first exam attempt in a course before the deadline, the course registration is binding, an exam attempt has been used, and the course becomes part of the student’s programme specification, cf. the rules for registration and withdrawal from exams on DTU Inside under Study rules/Exam'/'Registration and withdrawal. The student must pass the course to complete their programme.

In the case of documented illness at the examination and the subsequent registration 'ill', the student is still bound by the course.

On DTU Inside, under 'Study rules'/'Exemption, leave and maternity/paternity leave'/'Exemption', you can read about the possibility of applying for cancellation of an exam registration if the student has not participated in the exam and about the rules of applying for an exemption to be released from a binding course.

Students can find the exam registration and deregistration deadlines on DTU Inside under Study rules/Exam’/‘Registration deadlines for courses and examinations.

The rules regarding when an exam attempt has been used can be found on DTU Inside under Study rules/Exam/Assessment form and Gradings

Special rules apply to project courses. More information is available at DTU Inside under Study rules/Teaching/Project courses.

Students cannot take pre-approved or credit-transferred courses to replace one or more courses they are bound by. The head of studies cannot grant the student an exemption from this rule.

Both BEng and BSc students enrolled in study programmes valid before September 2023 who are bound by a master's course they have not passed can request to be released from the course by writing to via their student email with a reason and stating which other course they wish to take instead. The student must register for the new course.

Courses no longer offered
If a course is no longer offered, a student who has exam attempts in the course but has not passed the course will be released from the course by contacting the Study Administration via student email to That applies regardless of how many examination attempts the student has used in the course and whether a re-exam is still offered in the course. Used exam attempts are not transferred to a new course unless the terminated course is identical to a new course the student registers for. Read about 'blocked courses' at DTU Inside under 'Study rules'/'Teaching'/'Regarding course descriptions'.  

However, the student must still observe the curriculum of the study programme. If the terminated course is compulsory in the curriculum, the student will be bound by the course that replaces it, and the exam attempts are transferred if the two courses are identical (cf. above). If it is not stated in the curriculum which course the student must take as a replacement for a discontinued compulsory course, the Head of Study must be contacted.

The above also includes courses that get a new course number but are actually offered again, merely with a new course number. 

Read about the option for being released from a binding course if the course is cancelled at DTU Inside under 'Study rules'/'Teaching'/'Course registration'.
21 JULY 2024