Binding courses

If the student does not withdraw from his/her first exam attempt in a course before the deadline, the course registration is binding, an exam attempt has been used and the course becomes part of the student’s programme specification, cf. the rules for registration and withdrawal from exams on DTU Inside/Exam/Registration and withdrawal. The student must pass the course for the student to complete the programme. 

The rules regarding when an exam attempt has been used can be found on DTU Inside/Exam/Assessmentform and Gradings

Students can find the deadlines on DTU Inside under ‘Structure and rules’ / ‘Exam’ / ‘Registration deadlines for courses and examinations’.

If a course is no longer offered, a student who has examination attempts in the course, but not passed the course, will automatically be released from the course. However, the student must still observe the curriculum of the study programme.

At DTU Inside under 'Exemption' information can be found regarding the rules on the limited possibilites for obtaining an exemption to be released from a binding course registration.
25 NOVEMBER 2020