Evaluation of teaching

At the end of the semester, the teaching in all courses is evaluated via DTU Inside. The students complete the evaluation forms anonymously. Evaluations are processed by the board of studies at the department.

The evaluation of a course comprises two forms:

Form A: Evaluation of the course in general, including free-text proposals (text fields where students can give feedback in their own words) 
Form B: Evaluation of the course coordinator/lecturers

Form A is available to everyone regarding the answers to the questions. A summary of the course evaluations is published on DTU's homepage.

Form B and the free-text proposals from Form A are confidential as they may contain sensitive personal information. The evaluations may, however, be accessed by the following persons:

  • The relevant head of department and managers with direct HR responsibility

  • All members of the relevant board of studies, including substitutes in the event of permanent members' absence

  • The course coordinator

  • When the course comprises a mandatory programme element, the relevant head of studies.

21 JULY 2024