Complaints regarding teaching and supervision

Students dissatisfied with the teaching in a given course or with the supervision received in connection with a project must contact the lecturer/supervisor concerned immediately to try to find a solution to the problem. If this does not solve the problem, the following rules for student complaints regarding teaching/supervision have been established:

  • The complaint should be submitted as soon as possible after a possible prior dialogue with the lecturer/supervisor and, as a general rule before the course is offered again.
  • Complaints must be justified in writing and submitted to the board of studies at the department offering the course. A list of study board chairpersons at the individual departments can be found on DTU Inside under ‘Academic offers and guidance'/'Board of Studies, chairmen’.
  • The department Board of Studies informs the Head of Department/closest manager about the complaint if the complaint concerns personnel issues. All or parts of the complaint will be processed by the Head of Department /closest manager who will decide on any official measures in relation to the teacher/supervisor if the complaint gives rise to it. The student must not be informed of anything other than that the case/parts of the case have been handed over to the Head of Department.
  • If the complaint does not relate to personnel matters, the department Board of Studies involves the lecturer/supervisor in the case. If the lecturer is not responsible for the course, the course coordinator must always be involved in the case. The Board of Studies is encouraged to anonymize the complainant's identity if it is not important for the processing of the case to know who the complainant is. In cases of a more personal nature, the student cannot remain anonymous to the lecturer/supervisor.
  • When the Board of Studies has dealt with the complaint, a reply must be sent to the student(s) about how the board has handled the complaint. If the complaint has had a concrete outcome in relation to the course etc., this must also be informed, unless it is a matter of personal issues, cf. above., The Board of Studies sends a copy of the answer to the Head of Department if this is deemed relevant. 
  • The reply to a teaching/supervision complaint is not considered a decision in legal terms and, therefore, cannot be appealed.
21 JULY 2024