Deadlines for grading

Exams in 13-week courses and project courses
No later than 20 work days  after the day of the exam.

3-week courses
No later than 20 work days after the last day of the 3-week period.

Engineering internship
No later than 20 work days after the submission date of the report.

BEng project/BSc project/MSc thesis
The grade is awarded in connection with the oral exam. The oral exam must be held no later than 10 work days after the scheduled submission date of the written report. In exceptional circumstances, the head of department can approve a later exam date for the oral exam. If the project period has been extended after the start of the project as a result of the Board of Studies’ or the exemption committee's decision, the 10-day deadline must, as far as possible, continue to be complied with. A later exam date due to the changed conditions, e.g. due to the supervisor's 3-week holiday in June, July or August, can be determined without approval from the head of department.

It appears from the programme specification for final projects that in determining the start date of the project, the supervisor's 3-week consecutive summer vacation in June, July or August must be taken into account in order not to come into conflict with the 10-day deadline of the oral defense, cf. below under ‘Assessment’. The project plan should also reflect this matter.
25 NOVEMBER 2020