Exam certificate/diploma

When a student has completed a study programme at DTU, DTU issues an exam certificate/diploma. The exam certificate lists all the exams the student has passed within the student’s curriculum.

The exam certificate is dated with the date on which the study programme ended:

  • If the final element is a BEng project, a BSc project, or an MSc thesis, the exam certificate/diploma will be dated with the oral presentation date.
  • If the final element is a course, the exam certificate/diploma will be dated with the date the last course was assessed.

If the student has completed their study programme after 15 June 2023, they will get a digital exam certificate. The exam certificate can be accessed via www.diplomasafe.com within six weeks of the date of completion of the programme. The student will receive a message on the student email, where they will be guided step by step in the Diplomasafe system when the diploma can be accessed. The diploma will remain available via www.diplomasafe.com.

As a starting point, the introductory email will contain a link where the student is forwarded to the diplomasafe.com login. Here, the student is asked to register as a user, with the message not to use the student email, as this email is deactivated three months after the end of the studies. If the student has nevertheless used their student email and the email has been deactivated, the student must contact the Study Administration by writing to studadm@adm.dtu.dk to gain access to Diplomasafe.

After registering as a user, the student can access their exam certificate. When the student has entered the diploma, a purchase button will appear on the page, which can be used in connection with the purchase of a diploma if desired. A physical diploma with the DTU emblem can be purchased additionally for a fee of DKK 500.

Students who are withdrawn from a study programme at DTU without completing it will receive documentation for any completed parts of the programme stated in ECTS credits. 

Specifically for students who graduated before 15 June 2023
If a student has graduated from DTU before 15 June 2023, they will have been sent a physical diploma by post. If the student has lost their diploma, it is possible to order a copy of the diploma by writing to the Study Administration at verification@adm.dtu.dk.

21 JULY 2024