Illness in connection with exams

Illness before the exam (unable to participate in the exam)
Students who cannot participate in an exam due to illness must send documentation of the illness through their student mail to the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs at no later than two weeks following the exam date. If this procedure is followed, the student will automatically receive a new exam attempt, and the unattended exam during the period of illness will get the registration 'Ill' (SYG). The course registration(s) are still binding, cf. DTU Inside under 'Teaching'/'Binding courses'. The student in question must bear the expenses for the medical certificate.

Illness during the exam
Students who become ill during the exam must notify an invigilator or examiner before leaving the exam. Students must contact the doctor on the exam day or the proximate weekday at the latest. The process hereafter is described above under 'Illness before the exam'.

If the student, despite illness, chooses to complete an exam, i.e. submits their exam answer, it counts as an exam attempt, and the attempt cannot be cancelled.

The students must register for a new exam in the same course in a later examination term.

Read below under 'Conflict with DTU's deadlines due to illness' about the situations where a student, due to the lack of participation in the exam, conflicts with a deadline for the study programme (first-year exam, 5 ECTS credit study activity requirement, or maximum duration of the study).

Illness of a close family member
If a student is unable to participate in an exam due to a severe illness of a family member or friend, or in case of a serious event that may affect the student’s performance at the exam, the student can apply to have the exam registration (the exam attempt) changed to the registration 'Ill' by submitting relevant documentation to the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs via the Study Administration's contact form or if you are an external party by writing to This must be done no later than two weeks after the exam date. If the student has already completed the exam, it will count as an exam attempt, and the exam cannot be cancelled.

Illness during the project period under the final project
If a student falls ill while completing the final project, the student's programme specification rules apply. Find the rules at DTU Inside under ‘Study rules’/‘Final projects’.
21 JULY 2024