Requirements for passing exams and part-exams

A course has been passed if the student has been awarded the grade of 02 or higher or the assessment ‘Pass’. Part exams cannot be retaken if the course has been passed.

All part-exams on a course must be offered in the same course module unless otherwise stated in the course description. Find more information on part exams in connection with re-exams at DTU Inside under 'Study rules'/'Exam'/'Re-exams'.

Regardless of whether a student has completed one or more part-exams in a course, the student has the right to cancel the course and exam within the applicable deadlines and has thus not used an exam attempt in either the part-exams or the final exam.

In a course with part-exams, any re-exam is only a repetition of the final part-exam on the course. Part-exams scheduled in the teaching period will thus not be offered as a re-exam or will not be assessed in the period between the ordinary exam and the re-exam in the course. For more information, visit DTU Inside under ‘Study rules'/'Exam'/'Re-exams’.

A course with several part-exams can be assessed

  • either by using partial grades in the assessment of the part-exams
  • or based on an overall assessment of the different part-exams

It must be stated in the course description under 'Type of assessment' whether part-exams are assessed using partial grades or an overall assessment.

Part-exams assessed with partial grades
If official partial grades are used for the individual part-exams in a course, the students are informed about the partial grades after each part-exam, and the total final grade is the weighted average of the partial grades, rounded to the nearest grade in accordance with the Danish 7-point grading scale. The final grade is rounded up if the average is halfway between two grades.

However, a special pass requirement applies at DTU for courses with part exams for which partial grades are used. The pass requirement is:

1) that the average grade of the part-exams must be at least 02 without rounding up, and
2) that no partial grade must be below 00.

For some courses, deviating from the above rule or establishing additional requirements for partial grades may be relevant. Such deviations must be approved by the Department Board of Studies and the Dean. The deviations must be stated in the course description.

If the student does not participate in a part-exam with a partial grade, the course cannot be passed, and the student must then be graded 'Not passed’, regardless of whether the course is graded according to the 7-step grading scale. This is to signal that no academic assessment has taken place. This also applies if other part-exams are passed. 

A student who has not participated in any of the part-exams and who has not deregistered for the exam must be registered with EM (Not met). 

Part-exams based on an overall assessment
When using overall assessment, no partial grades are given, and any indication of the weighting of the individual part exams is only indicative. Students may only be informed of and receive one final grade for the course.

The course coordinator can decide that one or more part exams must be completed/approved as a condition for receiving a grade or other assessment for the entire course based on an overall assessment. This means the part exam is mandatory and must be completed/approved to pass the course. In such a case, this must be stated in the course description. If it is not stated in the course description that one or more part exams must be completed/approved to pass the course, an overall assessment must be made of the remaining part exams the student has completed. The student can thus pass the course based on the remaining part exams. However, non-completed/approved part exams are included in the overall assessment.

A student who does not participate in/hand in any of the part-exams in a course and who has not registered for the exam must be given the assessment 'Not met'.
21 JULY 2024