Students may participate in an offered re-exam without having participated in the previous ordinary exam on a course if they meet the requirements for participation in the ordinary exam. See below under ‘Courses with exam prerequisites’.

In courses with part exams, students must be aware that a re-exam is solely a repetition of the final part exam on the course. See below under ‘Courses with part exams’.

Students who have not passed a course at the first exam attempt must register for the subsequent exam attempt in the course via, unless the student chooses to follow the teaching again. In this case, course registration must take place via the Study Planner.

All courses are offered for re-exam. The time of the re-exam will depend on when the course in question is offered:

  • For courses offered in the 13-week autumn period with ordinary exams in December, the re-exam period is in May
  • For courses offered in the 13-week spring period with ordinary exams in May, the re-exam period is in August
  • For courses offered in the 3-week period in January with ordinary exams in January, the re-exam period is in May
  • For courses offered in the 3-week periods June/July with ordinary exams in June/July, the re-exam period is in August
  • For courses offered in the 3-week period in August with ordinary exams in August, the re-exam period is in December.

Courses offered in several of the above teaching periods have corresponding re-exam periods.

If a course is no longer provided, two additional re-exams will be offered in the course. The location of the re-exam dates will follow the rules mentioned above.

If in exceptional cases, a course is not suitable for a re-exam based on a security or academic assessment, students who have not passed the course must attend the course again. It is not sufficient only to register for the course exam. The relevant Department Board of Studies must approve that the course is not suitable for being offered for a re-exam, and it must also be stated in the course description under ‘Type of assessment.

An overview of exam dates can be found at DTU Inside under 'Study rules'/'Exam'/'Dates of exams'.

Registration for and withdrawal from re-exams must be made within the applicable deadlines. See DTU Inside under ‘Study rules'/'Exam'/'Registration deadlines for courses and examinations’.

In consultation with the department's Board of Studies, the course manager can decide that there should be no external examiner at a re-exam. However, this requires that it is only a matter of re-exam for very few students and/or that the exam takes place outside the exam period with only very few examinees.

For rules on re-exams on project courses, see ‘Study rules'/'Teaching'/Project courses’.

Changed form of examination
The course manager may decide that the examination form at the re-exam may differ from that at the ordinary exam.

The course manager must communicate the form of examination for re-exams in December and May to the students no later than one week after the registration deadline for the exam period in question has expired. The students then have 14 days to unregister from the re-exam if they do not wish to participate.

The course manager must communicate the form of examination for the re-exam in August to the students no later than one week after the end of the exam registration deadline. If, based on a change in the form of examination announced after the cancellation deadline, the student wishes to be deregistered from the exam, this must be notified to the Study Administration via no later than 14 days after notification from the course coordinator.

Courses with exam prerequisites
A student who has not fulfilled the exam prerequisites in a course in connection with the ordinary exam cannot participate in the re-exam unless the course manager has given the student a new opportunity to meet the prerequisites before the re-exam. The student is responsible for contacting the course manager to clarify this matter before registering for the exam. Students who, due to a decision from the course manager, cannot meet the exam prerequisites will have to attend the course again.

Students who met the exam prerequisites but did not pass the exam can take the re-exam on the course in the next re-exam period without having to fulfil the exam prerequisites again.

If a student chooses to postpone their re-exam - or if they do not pass their re-exam in accordance with the above - they are not entitled to be allowed to take (another) re-exam based on previously approved exam prerequisites. Thus, the student must fulfil the prerequisites again. That also applies if the student does not attend the exam due to a documented illness. Based on an academic assessment, the course manager may, however, approve that the student can register for a re-exam again without having to fulfil the prerequisites again.

Read more at DTU Inside under ‘Study rules'/'Teaching'/'Class participation and exam prerequisites’.

Courses with part exams
In a course with part exams, any re-exam is only a repetition of the final part exam. Part exams scheduled in the teaching period will thus not be offered as a re-exam or be assessed in the period between the ordinary exam and re-exam on the course. The course manager may deviate from this.

Generally, approved part exams will only be included in the next re-exam period. In connection with a re-exam, students are thus not entitled to retake an approved part exam. However, under special circumstances, students may have to retake a passed part exam in connection with a re-exam. The course manager makes such a decision based on an academic assessment. In the case of disagreement between a student and a course manager regarding whether or not a part exam must be retaken in connection with a re-exam, the Department Board of Studies will decide.

The course manager may approve that passed/approved part exams be included in subsequent (re)exams; this must be upon a student's request.

Some courses may have general rules for whether part exams will be included in the course's next (re)-exam. Please check the course description.

Read more about part exams at DTU Inside under Study rules'/'Exam'/'Requirements for passing exams and part exams.

Special circumstances regarding exams in courses that will finish the entire study programme   
If a student has been ill at the (re)exam during the exam period, in which the student should have completed his/her education, the student has the right to sit the re-exam in the same exam period or immediately after the re-exam period. This also applies to a student who does not pass (-3 or 00, or not passed) an exam or re-exam in a single course in the exam period in which the student should have completed his / her education. Students who have been absent from the exam (non-attendance) or received the registration 'SN' (Cheating) are not entitled to a quick re-exam. 

The above rules also apply to students who must hand in their final project immediately after the exam term in which they have not passed their last course.

Students wishing to take a quick re-exam according to the above rules should contact the Study Administration via student email to no later than 14 days after the grade is published. If the student meets the requirements for a quick (re)exam, the Study Administration will inform the student. In consultation with the student, the lecturer determines the time and date of the (re)exam. 

The rules above do not apply in connection with final projects.