Registration and withdrawal

All course registrations are automatically transferred to exam registrations. The transfer takes place right after the deadline for the exam registration. Students are responsible for all other exam registration.

It is the student’s responsibility to check, that the exam registrations are correct.

Students can find the deadlines for exam registrations etc. on DTU Inside under ‘Registration deadlines for courses and examinations’ under ‘Exam’.Find more information at DTU Inside ‘Structure and Rules’/’Teaching’/’Binding Courses’.

Students’ exam registrations can be found at DTU Inside in the tab 'Toolbox' / 'Exam registration'. Here students can also withdraw from exam registrations and register for other exams if he/she wish to participate in the exam in other/more courses than those transferred from the course registrations, for example re-exams.

Registration is binding after the deadline for exam withdrawal, and an exam attempt has been used even if the student does not participate in the exam. If the student does not withdraw from his/her first exam attempt in a course before the deadline, the course registration is binding and the course becomes part of the student’s programme specification. The student must  pass the course for the student to complete the programme. Find more information on DTU Inside under 'Structure and Rules'/'Teaching'/'Binding Courses'.

Even if a student has passed one or more part-exams in a course, this does not count as an exam attempt if the student withdraw from the exam within the current deadlines. The student must pay attention to the rules for approved and passed mandatory assignments and part-exams in connection with re-exams. These rules can be found at DTU Inside under ‘Re-exams’

Students must register for and withdraw from any subsequent second or third exam attempt within the current deadlines. Similarly, students who have withdrawn from their first exam attempt in a course, must register for a new exam in the course unless they register for the course once more.

Students cannot register for exams in courses which have already been passed (grade 02 or higher or ‘Pass’).

If, after the publication of the dates for written exams, it transpires that a student has registered for two exams which overlap, the student is entitled to withdraw from one of the written exams and instead take the exam in question in the next (re-)exam period. The same applies to oral exams if the student is unable to arrange a different time of examination for the oral exam with the examiner. The student must contact the Study administration at before the exam is held.

All activities that form part of the programme must be assessed. To obtain an assessment, students must be registered for the exam in the activity. Students may not participate in an exam or have, for example, a substitution paper assessed if they are not registered for the exam in the course.

For guest students and students in part-time programmes, special rules apply for exam registration. These rules are accessible at DTU's webpage.

BEng projects, BSc projects, and MSc theses also conclude with an exam, but registration is made via the project reporting system by the department with which the student is affiliated.

Exam attempts
Students are entitled to three exam attempts in each course or project.

Even though several versions of the same course with different course numbers may be available, students only have three exam attempts. This also include one or more exam attempts used under vacant place scheme (vacant place on DTU’s courses offered to students as a part-time programme). Several versions of the same course both cover courses with different course number and/or title and courses that are not applicable with other courses.

Students who do not pass a third exam attempt are obliged to apply for an exemption to be granted an additional exam attempt immediately after the announcement of the grade for the third exam attempt. If they fail to do so, they will no longer be entitled to be enrolled in the study programme. A fourth exam attempt or additional exam attempts must take place at the next (re-)exam of the course. Rules on exemption can be found on DTU Inside/Exemtion.

If a student does not show up for an exam, this will be registered as an attempt, unless the student can provide documentation for illness. The student must provide documentation by email to the Study administration ( no later than 14 days after the exam date. Rules can be found on DTU Inside/Exam/Illness in connection with exams. The same rules apply, if the student does not observe the conditions for mandatory assignments as a requirement to be approved for the exam.